Serving the finest quality ice cream flash-churned to order using liquid nitrogen.

Flash-churning our Nitro Ice Creams at -321 degrees is not only exciting to watch, but also forms very small ice crystals for a supremely smooth texture that can’t be duplicated with traditional slow-churning methods. The end result that emerges from the nitro cloud? A silky, dense, decadent treat that you will never forget!

Founded in 2013 and located just blocks from Tower Grove Park in the historic Shaw Neighborhood of St. Louis, Ices Plain & Fancy offers an ever-changing selection of made-to-order Nitro Ice Creams, Boozy Ice Cream Cocktails, Sorbets, Floats, Non-Dairy Options, and more!

2256 South 39th Street
St.Louis, Missouri 63110
(314) 601-3604


2pm until 10:00pm

2pm until 11:00pm

Noon until 11:00pm

Noon until 10:00pm



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Our Namesake

ABmarshallThe name Ices Plain & Fancy comes from a frozen desserts cookbook authored by the Victorian “Queen of Ices”, Mrs. Agnes Bertha Marshall. A self-made English culinary entrepreneur, writer, teacher, business leader, inventor, and patent holder, Mrs. Marshall (as she was known) was one of the first to suggest using liquid nitrogen (or “liquid air”) to create ice cream. While we St. Louisians love to claim the 1904 World’s Fair as the birthplace of the ice cream cone, in reality Mrs. Marshall beat us to the punch by more than a decade when she published Mrs. Marshall’s Book of Cookery in 1888, which included a recipe for “cornets with cream”, possibly the earliest known published reference of an edible ice cream cone. We like to believe that at Ices Plain & Fancy, we are continuing Mrs. Marshall’s legacy, which is why we proudly and prominently hang her portrait in our shop.