Ice Cream, Non-Dairy, Soft Serve, Floats, Sorbets, and More!


Our chef balances and crafts each flavor with a sense of adventure, whimsy and nostalgia using only the finest ingredients, from our premium 16-18% butterfat ice cream to our seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmer partnerships. We make your ice cream to-order, guaranteeing the freshest ice cream you will ever taste.

    • Classic Nitro Ice Cream

      Traditionally nostalgic ice cream flavors - perfected.

    • Vanilla

    • Chocolate

    • Butter Pecan

    • Mint Chip

    • Cherry Cordial

    • Rocky Road

    • Salted Dulce de Leche Custard

    • Non-Dairy Ice Cream

      Dairy doesn't get to have all the fun! These frozen treats are hand-crafted to be every bit as rich and full-flavored as traditional ice cream.

    • Coconut Milk German Chocolate (vegan)

    • Soy Vanilla (vegan)

    • Soy Butter Pecan (not vegan)

    • Soy Mint Chip (vegan)

    • Soy Cherry Cordial (vegan)

    • Soft Serve

      Softer than traditional ice cream, our soft serve contains 5% butterfat.

    • Sump Pump

      Infused with seasonal Sump Coffee

    • Vanilla

    • Sump Coffee

      Caffeinated offerings made in partnership with our friends at Sump Company, located in St. Louis City.

    • The Back Up

      Sump Pump 5% soft serve and cold-brewed toddy topped with coffee whipped cream and a dusting of coffee grounds

    • Seasonal Fresh Brewed Sump Coffee

      A cup of Sump's seasonal roast

    • Cocktail Ice Cream

      Liquid nitrogen is so cold we can freeze alcohol, which means these boozy creations retain all of the proof you would find in a traditional cocktail. It's Nitro Mixology! • 21+ Only

    • Johnny Jump Up

      Vanilla Ice Cream, Jameson, Apple Bitters, Strongbow Cider

    • Ok Fine!

      Vanilla Ice Cream, Rum Chata, Fruit Loops

    • The Benjamin

      Vanilla Ice Cream, Dickle Whiskey, Pralines

    • Sazerac

      Vanilla Ice Cream, Templeton Rye, Torched Sirene Absinthe, Peychaud's Bitters, Orange Peel

    • Mrs. Marshall's Old Fashioned

      Vanilla Ice Cream, Old Granddad, Strongbow Cider, Peychaud's Bitters, Luxardo Cherry, Orange Peel

    • Frozen Dude

      Vanilla Ice Cream, Vodka, Kahlua

    • Ancho & Lefty

      Chocolate Ice Cream, Ancho Reyes, Aztec Chocolate Bitters, Ancho Powder, Cocoa Nibs

    • Dark & Fancy

      Vanilla Ice Cream, Goslings Dark Rum, Gosling's Ginger Beer

    • Cherry Not So Cordial

      Chocolate Ice Cream, Luxardo, Amaretto, Old Granddad

    • 4 Hands Chocolate Milk Stout Float

      Vanilla Ice Cream, Cocoa Nibs, 4 Hands Brewing Co. Chocolate Milk Stout

    • Doggie Ice Cream

      A frozen treat made just for your pooch. Packaged to enjoy on our patio or to-go.

    • Sticky Charlie

      Made with sweet potato, yogurt, peanut butter and anchovy. 50% of all proceeds from Sticky Charlie sales goes to Stray Rescue of St. Louis.